A Meaningful Future in Global Consulting

John Conrad Lee shares how you can start doing the most fulfilling work of your life as a Global Consultant.


  • Why Global Consulting is changing the way we work forever
  • What Global Consultants do and how much they earn
  • Why your knowledge, skills and experience are in demand around the world
  • How you can focus on topics you care deeply about and do truly meaningful work
  • How to work from anywhere in the world on a schedule you control
  • How to secure the financial future of your family with your own respected consulting business
  • The 7 keys to success in consulting, and the deadly pitfalls you must avoid

Don't miss this rare opportunity to gain practical insights from an accomplished entrepreneur who headed business units in Asia for European and American corporations before co-founding a series of automotive and tech start-ups in Singapore. John has been a Global Consultant to public companies, SMEs and start-ups since 2014.

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Global Consulting Masterclass

Everything you need to start your own Global Consulting business

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